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The WAVE I Women’s Self-Defense Program is a comprehensive program that deals with real life scenarios and situations. The program teaches participants the proper way to deal with threatening and dangerous situations that may arise at any given time of day or night, both inside and outside the home or work. It is a no frills class that teaches practical techniques that have been proven effective. Techniques will include escape and defense from the many types of attacks a woman may be faced with.

Participants will be taught the correct way to use the weapons they possess
, i.e. hands, feet, knees, & elbows.

A portion of the class will allow participants to practice in a controlled but realistic setting when they get to defend against an attacker dressed in the Red Man Suit
T.M. The Red Man Suit T.M. is a fully padded Tactical suit that helps protect the attacker as well as the students from injury, but allows the student to use full contact force that helps them realize and feel their full potential of power they possess. This in turn gives them an amazing sense of Empowerment and Confidence, two of the most important tools a woman needs to be able to defend herself successfully. 

Youth Jr. WAVE program, young ladies self-defense course
Ages 11-13 yrs. old  the Young Ladies self-defense course will teach participants how to defend themselves against a wide variety of grabbing/holding attacks.

The escapes taught are very practical and proven effective, most techniques will have only 2-3 moves, which in turn will make them simple to perform and easy to retain.

The class will also consist of proper training on how to remain vigilant and to be aware of ones surroundings at all times, and avoid placing oneself in dangerous situations.

Instructors will teach and remind all participants to trust their gut feeling, and how to notify the proper authorities or persons when something may not seem/feel right.

Training and Preparation are key elements for keeping ourselves safe; this class will help prepare our young ladies for the possible dangers they may face in life.

The WAVE women’s self-defense program was founded and designed by Dominick Violante, 8th degree Black Belt and Public Safety Officer registered in the state of CT. Mr. Violante has been studying and teaching the martial arts for 39+ years and has been involved in Law Enforcement/Public Safety for over 25 years.

Class participants should wear loose comfortable clothing and sneakers. No open toed shoes, sandals or skirts/dresses. 


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